Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping Trip

I went on a Ladies Retreat with a group from church this weekend in Columbus, Indiana.  We had a great time and then afterwards, we got in the church vans and drove up to the outlet mall in Edinburgh for some power shopping!
I got four pairs of shoes, new undies, and three new tops (in size 14/16!!) and a new suitcase, so the next time I fly, I won't have to borrow my aunt's carry-on.
Then on Sunday, after church, I went to Fashion Bug to use my FB Bucks 'cause I didn't want to risk them expiring like oh so many of my Kohl's bucks do.  I walked in and, excited in the knowledge that I could now wear a 14/16, headed to the "small" side of the store!  Immediately I saw this beautiful purple knitted sweater thing.  I was in love.  I won't bore you with too many details of my shopping, but I will say that other than the watch and the studs in my ears, everything that I am wearing in the above picture is new.  
Mom made the comment that she's sure I won't be gaining the weight back.  I asked how she knew.  She said I was having too much fun shopping to risk it.  She may be right!  But as long as there's something keeping me from doing it, it doesn't really matter what that something is, does it?  After all, debtor's prison would be a small price to pay for fashion!