Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Acquisition

My new pedometer just arrived.  So now I'll be able to keep track of how far I walk/jog each day.  I know that you are on the edge of your seat in re: the same, so I'll be sure to keep you informed!

Incredible Shrinking Woman!

I think the water temperature is too hot in the condo because I'm shrinking!  My size 22 white capri pants that I found in the back/bottom of my closet that day that Mom and I gathered seven trash bags full of clothes I could no longer wear to take to Goodwill are now too big.  (Did you follow that?  My ability to string along a bizarre sentence has not shrunk.  In fact, if you're able to follow the rest of this blog, give yourself a hand!)
And the pants that my friend Royale gave me from her fat closet before her surgery two years ago which fit snuggly the first time I tried them on are loose too.
It's a good thing that back in May, when I was preparing to return to work after the GB surgery, and I had no clothes that fit so I had to go shopping, I bought a couple pairs of capri's (since I knew it would be a long hot summer) in size 18/20 in the hopes that I'd be able to fit in them before it got cool enough that I couldn't wear them.  Why?  Because, baby, Rose is wearing those puppies today!!  And they fit, they aren't snug or nuthin'!  And I'm thinking I'd look pretty good wearing them and my XL Muppets/Abbey Road t-shirt.  Too bad the t-shirt wouldn't comply with the dress code at work.  Sigh.. 
Tomorrow is week 18.  On Monday, I weighed and I'm at T-minus 88 pounds!  I got home last night and Mom said I looked really skinny.  Several other people made similar comments during the day, so... tee hee!!  And she took a picture.  Yeah, I know, it'll hit Facebook before I get it posted here, but maybe by the end of the week.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Dog Days are Over

Ok, I've been thoroughly chastised for my delinquincy in blogging. In fact, I believe the comment was that she was tired of my trip to London already!

So on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I am sitting here on the balcony, with mom's laptop, in my new size XL (note the lack of a number in front of that X!) Muppets/Abbey Road t-shirt surrounded by sleeping cats, bringing you up to date on Rose. I can only imagine how boring it's been without your semi-irregular dose of Me!

First, the status of my diet/exercise. I was also admonished for not posting pics on here for the benefit of the non-Facebookers of my fans. If my hair looked better, I'd have Mom take a pic of me in my size XL t-shirt for me to post, but you'll have to make do with this one - me in some of my new clothes that I bought with my birthday money, at 14 weeks and 80 pounds lost. I'll pause now so you have time to bask in my wonderousness.

I can't say exactly what week I'm on now... 17 or 18, I think. And from my birthday until about a week ago, I was stuck on a plateau. Feeling sorry for myself because I was stuck at 80 pounds... for a MONTH! Of course I told myself that my body had to catch up with all the weight loss, and I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and I'd resumed my walking during that month. Still, I'd got to the point where I stopped weighing because I didn't want to be disappointed. But last weekend, before I chugged my protein shake and took my walk, I weighed and I'd lost 4 pounds!! So my plateau was over and I was a happy camper!

Speaking of my walking, I've been doing pretty good, walking at least 5 days a week. I drove my route with my car, including circling the church four times... pretty sure whoever was in the church was wondering what I was up to, and it is right over 1 mile. But at one point, after I'd been walking four loops around the church each morning, I figured I either needed to up the quantity or the quality of my laps. Since I get really bored after the third lap and can barely force myself to do number four, I opted for the quality. All of which means that I've started jogging. At first, I was proud of myself for jogging enough parts of a lap to equal one side of the church. Then after a couple of days, I did one whole side of the church at a jog with no walking in between. Then a jog/walk/jog walk... totalling 4 sides... then 6 sides... then yesterday, the jogger in me said "Go for it!" and yesterday and this morning, I jogged around the church, all four sides, no walking... pretty exciting. Next: the Boston Marathon!

Did I mention that there are no numbers before the X on the size of my XL t-shirt?

What else? Well, my nephew Duncan has moved in with me and Mom at the condo. Since neither of us has any experience at either being or being around teenage boys, it's going to be an experience for all three of us. And neither of us feels like we know him very well, so we're enjoying the opportunity. Mom's happy to have someone to cook for who eats more, but not much more, than I do. He started his classes at USI this past Monday. The cats are enjoying his being here, especially Winifred, who loves him. It's hard to tell if she loves him more or his red beanbag chair! Gizmo, used to being the only "man" of the house, took a while, but he's come around too. We had to assure him (Gizmo) that Duncan was not planning on staging a coup and removing Gizmo from his throne as man of the house, first, but that seemed to work. We really enjoyed having Duncan with us yesterday when we went to Sams to get kitty litter. Mom can't lift the 42 (no kidding) pound bags, and I can, but it's a struggle. He lifted both of them at once!

Finally, it's taken a while, but I'm slowly getting back in the groove of working for a living. I'd probably be pushing it to have another conveniently timed surgery in order to get off for a few more weeks. I feel guilty every time I tell Steve I have a doctor's appointment! But having been off for the better part of three months, it took a while before I really felt like I was back in the swing of things. Of course getting up early in the morning is still a struggle, but that may be because of having to get up and walk/jog while it's barely daylight outside. But then I remember that I get to wear my size 18 shorts and it's easier to get out of bed!