Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs!!

Today is National Hot Dog Day. Or maybe it’s that July is National Hot Dog Month. Whatever. At the office, we take every opportunity to A) bring food in and/or 2) raise fundage for our annual holiday adoption of less advantaged families in the community. Therefore, as a two-fer, today we had our First Annual Hot Dog Day celebration with the proceeds to be added to our Christmas fund.

We added this event to our social/fund-raising calendar after last year’s Cinco De Mayo Nacho Day was such a hit. This year, unfortunately, that event had to be renamed Cuatro de Mayo Nacho Day because Mayo Cinco was el sábado. But it was still hugely successful.

But back to today. One of the attorneys, Greg, is a BIG hot dog fiend and he has a wife who is a nutritionist and, therefore, limits his munchification of hot dogs to zero. Obviously, Greg was all for this celebration. He insists that the world’s best hot dogs come from some butcher shop in Jasper, Indiana and he volunteered to pick them up. It didn’t hurt that he had to be in Jasper last week for some case! My mother insists that the world’s best hot dogs are Nathan’s and specifically, from Sam’s Club. Every time she goes to Sam’s, she plans the trip around lunch time so she can get their drink and a hot dog for $1.50 special. The woman has been going thru hot dog withdrawal since she’s been stuck in the house recuperating from her slipped discs. Fortunately for her, I take pity on her periodically and bring her home a dog. I’m nice that way.

But again, I digress. People brought in a variety of toppings, sides, and desserts, so a yummy lunch was had by all who were willing to fork over $5 for lunch. And why not? You can’t get much more than a Happy Meal for $5 if you go out for lunch! One of the desserts was brought in by Shawn, our HR peep. She really missed her calling. Not that she isn’t a great HR person, but she really should open up a cupcake shop. During one of the planning meetings, we jokingly mentioned that she should bring in hot dog cupcakes and voila! These are what she made…

They even have tiny relish on them! I nabbed one to take home to mom. I nabbed her one of the hot dogs, too; since I can’t eat all that much, and really should avoid hot dogs. I did have one, though… like I’m NOT going to try one?!

Over the weekend, on a trip to CVS I found the perfect holiday addition to my ensemble for the day.

Imagine if you will, me sitting at my desk, doing my thing, (today it was collections crap, er.. stuff,) wearing my boppers. People walk by my desk, see me and my boppers, and are in no way phased. I’ve been here almost 12 years, so I guess they’re used to me. The best one was early in the morning, just after I put them on, one of the managing partners walked by, looked at me and said “Good Morning, Rosemary” and just kept on walking!