Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Watch this Spot

I realize it’s almost too much to hope for after a TWO YEAR absence, but this is not a mirage, my blog is in fact back open for business.  There’s all sorts of odd things percolating in my head that I can share, with a wee bit of mental censoring before publication, that is.  

Long time fans will notice the new name, A Dash of Rosemary, and the new color scheme - the hot pink made my eyes sting whenever I'd pull up the webpage.

The name - well, I'm gonna have to read through the last few months of previous postings so I know what was going on and what I may or may not have written about, but anyway, I joined, a couple of years ago now, a ladies missionary group at my church and last August, we met to rework the format in attempt to push back the rising tide of un-enthusiasm amongst the membership.  I volunteered to send out monthly emails to the members, spicing the missives up with my own special brand of je ne sais quoi and, in fact, have done so.  There is also a small time during each of the meetings for a "Dash of Rosemary" where I have the floor to bring up whatever topics I feel compelled to bring up.  At the last meeting it hit me, duh, that that would be a fabulous name for a blog!

(Now, I have to ask, way back when when I asked for blog name suggestions from you all, why didn't any of you come up with that??  I'm very disappointed, but will try to get over it as I'm sure not having me in your web-based lives for the past two years has been punishment enough.)

So after that epiphany, I started thinking of all the fun things that had happened in the past couple of years that you'd missed out on... the trips I've taken, the movies I could have reviewed, the fun comics that oddly enough seemed to fit in with a current event in life of Rose, the new boss and other developments at "the firm," etc.  As you might guess, I began to feel guilty about the deprivation you'd suffered, and started mentally preparing for my come back.

Then today, at lunch, I had the perfect blog topic hit me in the face (not literally, thank God - as you'll agree when you find out what said topic is), so here we are.  I'm back!

As before, I can't guarantee that each post will be a winner, and I can't guarantee daily or even weekly posts, but I'll attempt to not let it be another two years before you hear from me again.