Monday, January 30, 2017

If I Only Had a Brain!!

Back in December, when Mom and I drove up to Indy for Christmas, we drove as far up I-69 as we could.  It's very nice road, not much traffic, few cops, so it cuts the trip down considerably.  The only downside, so far, is that there are no McDonalds along the road. 

Now, I've eaten at enough McDonalds in my life, that I consider that I've got lifelong bathroom privileges.  I mean, they are generally of a certain level of cleanliness.   Having been raised in the 70's, I consider guessing the level of cleanliness of any given gas station restroom to be similar to Russian roulette.   Therefore, I always prefer stopping at a McD's.  Plus, there is the opportunity to grab a bag of fries while I'm there!

Let's return to December.  We drove all the way to Bloomington without a stop, and we needed to stop.  I realize there probably 20 McD's in Bloomington, it being a college town, but we found ourselves stopped at a gas station.  I suppose we just had to stop and didn't have time to investigate and look for one.  After we took care of business, and purchased some water and munchies - see I always feel like I have to buy something at non-McD's, we exited the building.  Their was a car parked right there, and a man was exiting it.  I saw that he had something interesting hanging from his rear view mirror and I had to know, so I asked him, "Hey, what is that?!"

Let me interject that 16 years ago, in my "pre-Paxil" days, or 16 PP, I would never go around talking to strangers.  If I end up getting into danger, sometime in the future, due to my talking to the wrong person, I blame two people - Erin Gibson and Donna Nicholson.  They know what they did.

So I asked this complete stranger, "Hey, what is that hanging from your mirror?"  He said it was a brain cell.  I understood and immediately needed one.  Thank God for Amazon. 

Amazon had two sizes - the "giant" and the "giant XL". Both seemed big, but you know I needed one, so I got the smaller of the two.  It arrived and there was no way for it to hang from anything, so I spent that evening lovingly sewing a ribbon on it, so I could use the ribbon to tie it to my rear view mirror.  I hung it from my mirror and while it looked adorable, it was just too big.

I wasn't sure what to do about it.   But in the bowels of my memory, I remember Deborah at the law firm sharing a funny advertisement a couple of years ago that said "Give your girlfriend Herpes for Valentines Day!" Or something similar.  It was from a website that sold stuff germs, so I found it humorous... bookmarked the link, but never really felt that I, as a mid-40's adult needed a stuff cold sore, or flu germ.  Let me point out that the breast cancer cell is adorable, AND part of the proceeds go to research, so if you're looking for a gift for someone....

I started thinking that IF there were a smaller version, I could probably get it there.
Unfortunately, the only small version was a keychain, which was perfect in size, but they're only sold in packages of 10 and, although some might argue the point, I didn't feel as though I need that many.  Then I saw that they also sold a five pack that contained a brain cell, a red blood cell, a white blood cell, a bookworm (?), and a kissing disease germ! 

I'm sure you can see the rest of the story, so long story short, I now have an appropriately sized brain cell hanging from my mirror. And I just love his little ganglia!

Anyone want a keychain?  You can choose from the red blood cell, the white blood cell, and the kissing disease germ! 

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