Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year's Resolution - Shine My Light into Your World More!!

I have been told by several people that I need to get back to blogging.  Well actually, it was expressed more like "You haven't blogged since April!!"  Looking at it in black and white, it's hard to convey the stress that was placed on the words "haven't" and "April," but you get the point. 

I can only blame it on actually being busy at work.  Not that I would be blogging at work (sssshh.. my boss might read this!) - although back when I had nothing to do at work, I did blog while there.  But when I'm so busy at work, first, I don't have time to think about things; and B) I don't want to come home and sit in front of a computer, and frankly I have two other computer-related obligations!  Mom would point out here that I come home and sit in front of my iPad, but that is different - I have farming to do, and such.  It's more mindless and doesn't require thought.    Whereas it actually does require a little thought to be as witty and entertaining as I am in my blogging life.

So here we are, it's a new year, and people for some reason make resolutions to do something to make them a better person, or to make the new year better.  Well, I'm already a pretty great person, so my resolution will be to try to blog a little more often to, if nothing else, make the lives of you, my peeps better.

To this end, my thoughts are that I'll start off by sharing my observations of the past few weeks to bring you up to date. 

First, Christmas.  Turns out that, along with other fabulous perks, Berry is generous with holidays around Christmas and New Years.  We receive both the big days and the accompanying Eves.  So, since all of the holidays and their Eves were on weekend days this year, we got the surrounding Fridays and Mondays off - resulting in two four day weekends!!  I realize that for my former co-workers at the law firm this is not something they want to hear, so I'll continue on quickly.  

For the actual Christmas weekend, Mom and I packed up the buggy and travelled up to Indy to visit the Sibs, their Hubs and kids.  I think a good time was had by all, even me.  The Introvert inside of me would have killed to spend the weekend alone under a blankie with a cat at the condo, but even the Introvert
had a good time. 

During the weekend, we learned that Holly's hubs,Tom, has accepted a position in Georgia, so in the next few months they'll be looking for someplace to live and getting packed up, and moving.  My observations on how their move will affect me are twofold.

First, it seems that the ubiquitous response upon learning of their move is to the effect of "well, I bet you won't miss the winter weather!"  Presumably the winters are softer down south.  Personally, I like winter - sweaters, fireplaces, snow.  It's the summer I don't like.  But my brain started percolating - Mom isn't good in the winter - she gets cold easily, isn't stable of snow/ice.  Therefore, I had an epiphany!  Mom can go stay with Holly during these softer winters.  And since she wouldn't want to play favorites and cause discord between the twins - after all, they already have to contend with ME being the favorite child - so Mom could go spend the summers with Haley in Indy.

Then she could enjoy the spring and fall at the condo with me.   

So where was I?  Oh yes, how Holly's news would affect me...  The second, and some would say more realistic effect is that Holly'll be living MUCH closer to a beach and Mom'll probably want to see Mistake #1 once in a while, so I'm thinking Rose'll be going to beach more often!!

The next item on the docket is also Christmas related.  Mom asked me a couple of weeks before Christmas what she could get me.  I told her that I didn't need anything so not to worry about it.  After all, I was getting equal enjoyment out of the Keurig I'd gotten her (and she'd opened way early, but that's another story).  At some point, I came home and she tells me that she's figured out what she's getting me for Christmas.  Now, I have to point out that we have the world's most uncomfortable sofa.  When I moved out on my own, I bought a fabulous sofa - it was deep and allowed my long legs to rest comfortably; whereas what we have isn't very deep and my legs never get comfy, especially when a handsome 15 lb boy likes to lay on them.  So, I'm like, what is it?  She says she's going to get me a recliner (or pay for part of one, as I got a very nice bonus from work).  I said that her idea sounded great and that she needed to get one for herself, too.  So on New Year's Eve, we went shopping.

I have always been the kind of person who makes shopping-related decisions easily.  I walked in, sat down, and my butt fell in love.  The only questions left being what color to get and did I want it to be an electronic chair or the "old fashioned" kind where in order to enjoy lounging comfortably, you have to move the lever yourself.  Meanwhile, Mom is looking around.  We'd already talked and decided that she needed the kind that moves and helps you stand up, but she didn't like the style and fabric of any of the choices.  I kept trying to get her to just sit in one of them, and finally, as she agreed and sat, my eyes fell on the price tag and saw the words "heat" and massage."  See many moons ago, Dad had got Mom a heated massage thingee that goes into your chair and you control the temp and strength of the massage movements.  I knew that we'd found a winner.  After sitting for way too long with an overly chatty sales lady, we ordered our chairs, AND when they deliver the chairs, they're willing to take away the couch!!  We just have to wait 4-8 weeks (well, 3-7, now).  We're pretty sure the cats will enjoy them, too.

This past week, we had our first really cold weather and even a smidge of snow.  Of course schools were closed, but otherwise, it wasn't all that bad.  Still it was cold and as I got to work, it was still coming down.  One downside of where I work is the parking.  I pray each morning that the Lord will bless me with a "good" parking spot, and by that I'm meaning a spot in the main parking lot.  On a bad day, I get a spot and have to walk three blocks.  Anyway, on this particular morning, the Lord blessed me with the best spot, other than the United Way spot, that I could have possibly got.  If I'd stood in the door to my building, I could have taken a picture, without the zoom!  I didn't because my phone was buried in my bra, under my sweater, under my scarf, under my coat... you get the point.

 About noon, someone walked by and asked me if I was going out at lunch.  I replied, "No, I am not throwing away my spot!"  Then I had to laugh - see, I've slowly yielded to the mass hysteria over Hamilton - in fact, after the conversation with about what to get me for Christmas, I told her I knew what she could get me for my birthday.... tickets to Hamilton, in Chicago.  So yes, we have tickets for a matinee on my birthday, July 22nd!  Rose is very happy.  But back to my point, I amused myself so over my wit, that I've chuckled continuously over it since.  It it probably going to rival "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza" as my favorite song lyric-related pun.

I've seen a couple of movies this past month.  Rogue One - surprise, I know.  Loved it.  Have seen it twice so far, wouldn't recommend you take your young children.  Moana, enjoyed it thoroughly even before I realized that some of the lyrics were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame).   Sat there thinking the music reminded me of Hamilton as I watched and listened.  Take your kids.   And finally, Hidden Figures.  Don't worry, I am well aware of my shallowness and preference for movies with explosions and superheroes, preferably Batman, and I have no intention of starting to like movies that are "good for me," but this movie was historical, AND had Cookie Lyon in it!

Ok, so my carpal tunnel is acting up and Gizmo wants in my lap, so I'm going to wrap it up here.   I promise not to stay silent so long.

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  1. I LOVE the stockings! I'll have to a set for my mom, only the order will be different, of course. Because I'm number 2 and not 3. :-)